E-conomic integrationsmodule
  • E-conomic integrationsmodule

E-conomic integration module [REST]

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Integrate PrestaShop with the accounting system E-conomic.


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The interface from PrestaShop to E-conomic is based on REST.

  • When a customer is created in PrestaShop he/she will automatically be created in E-conomic. To avoid conflicting customer numbers in E-conomic an offset is automatically added. The default is 4000 (but may be configured differently).
  • When the webshop owner creates products in PrestaShop they will automatically be created in E-conomic. Here an offset is also added to the product ID (default 4000 but configurable).
  • You may instead use the "reference" field to identify products in E-conomic.
  • The module automatically creates product numbers that represents wrapping, handling and shipping.
  • Carriers can be setup in E-conomic with a product group that does not incl. VAT making it possible to use carriers that are exempt from VAT.
  • When the customer places an order it will automatically be created in E-conomic. The order will appear in "Current Invoices" or "Orders" (configurable). The invoice contains the customer's name and address and the product numbers and titles.
  • Credit notes are also transferred automatically.
  • The transactions are transferred asynchronously so the customer will not experience any delay while transferring to E-conomic. This can be done via a daily cron job.
  • Manual in PDF format is part of the module (written in Danish).
  • The module works with PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 8.0 and 8.1.
  • The module will work with E-conomic in Europe in general. So far I have sold the module to Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

If you need help you are welcome to contact me regarding installation and configuration.